Franchise Souq

About Franchise Souq

Franchise Souq’s mission is to be the leading online resource for franchise opportunities and the knowledge center of choice for anyone seeking information on the franchise industry. We have created Franchise Souq to provide a 360 degree solution to anyone visiting our website.


What does a Franchisee require? Ofcourse they require a brand, but also location, personal, equipment and most important funding. With Franchise Souq partnering with real estate developers and property listing company a franchisee can search for available locations right on our website. Not only that a franchisee can also search our database of applicants looking for jobs and browse through new and used equipment that they might require. Lastly, the franchisee can connect with our partner banks, venture capital firms and investors to look for funds necessary to launch their new franchise.

Franchise Souq was founded due to an unmet need in the market for a franchise portal offering a 360 degree solution. Franchise Souq looks to rapidly grown to become the world's leading portal for franchise and business opportunities offering 360 degree solutions to the franchisees for the first time.