Low-Cost Franchise Opportunities

If you have ever wanted to be your own boss, it might not take as much money to start a successful business as you think.

Low-Cost Franchise Opportunities

Are you looking to start your own business but short on capital? Here are some of our best low-cost franchise to buy (not in order) that are successful and ideal for those starting on a low-cost investment.


Le Soie Cosmetics

Franchise Fee: $5,000
Category: Retail > Perfumes / Cosmetics

'Le Soie’ means silk in French, and like the luxurious fiber, we are proud to bring nothing cosmetics that are inspired by nature. Our Natural skin care and anti-aging products are manufactured in a small town, close to the French, Walloon, and Flemish borders and only natural ingredients. All our cosmetic products aren’t tested on animals and are safe for the environment. Experience the potent power of nature in its purest form with Le Soie.

Le Soie is dedicated to keeping manufacturing as close to traditional, natural methods as possible. Our values have roots in the late 19th / early 20th century Art Nouveau artistic movement, which brought the natural world back as an inspiration for arts and crafts. Just like 100 years ago, our products are not only safe and good for the body, but are beautifully designed and functional. We go beyond being environmentally friendly – Le Soie brings a multi-sensual experience to the bathroom.


Desert Chill 

Franchise Fee: $15,000
Category: Food & Beverage > Kiosk / Food Truck

Founded in 2008 by Nathen & Dan Furlong based on their childhood memories of running outside as soon as they heard those familiar ice cream vans chimes. It was these memories that served as inspiration for them to go on a mission to bring the concept of the local friendly Ice Cream Van to the UAE.

Desert Chill is the UAE's premier ice cream van service with an established daily presence across the UAE in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Sharjah. Desert Chill has all the qualities and ingredients to fill you up and cool you down, in the most unique way possible. We know that the Ice Cream Van is well-loved across all generation and we have successfully made a big kid out of many adults!


Frosty Ice Cream

Franchise Fee: $14,000
Category: Food & Beverage > Cafe / Bakery / Desserts

FROSTY ICE CREAM first made its presence felt in Dubai, U.A.E as an ice-cream and dessert parlor providing a wide range of tasty and delicious flavor. We specialized in serving soft-served ice creams with rich toppings that delight all ages - from delicious Nutella, fresh strawberries, and yummy pistachios, to our signature cotton candy cloud ice-cream

In addition to soft-served ice creams, we also serve cold drinks such as mojito's (non-alcoholic), milkshakes, smoothies, and iced coffee all carefully prepared in our store with love. After you take a sip of our special beverages, don’t forget to try out our sweets and desserts such as waffle sticks, pancakes, crepes and other yummy dessert recipes featuring a variety of flavors and exciting toppings.



Franchise Fee: $9,500
Category: Food & Beverage > Cafe / Bakery / Desserts

Cafe2Go owns the distinction of being the first UAE born café and the fastest growing café franchise. We are the pioneers of fusing an ancient Emirati Cuisine (camel milk) with a modern lifestyle drink (coffee & tea). Since we started, we have stirred quite a buzz in the coffee world. Our first store was inaugurated in September 2011 in Murooj Rotana across from the prestigious Dubai Mall. We have since expanded to several locations around Dubai, Saudi Arabia & Pakistan with plans to rapidly expand in upcoming years.

We owe much of our success and growth to our creative and exciting business model, convenient locations and unique menu all synergistically working together in providing fast and handy service for people constantly on the go! With our café outlets, kiosk cafes, unique mobile van café and innovative push cart café concepts we are constantly looking for entrepreneurs to join our efforts in fulfilling our vision of GOING GLOBAL.

Cafe2go is committed to giving an experience that touches the soul and warms the heart by pursuing excellence in products, personalized service, and an exciting store atmosphere. At Cafe2go, we believe in freshness and quality and we love our daily caffeine fix and the vibrant energy that a coffee and its culture bring forth.


Cafe Blossom

Franchise Fee: $15,000
Category: Food & Beverage > Fast Food

After 17 years of consistently serving customers in India and other international markets under the Dosa Plaza (www.dosaplaza.com) umbrella, Mr. Prem Ganapathy thought of serving patrons with food that’s both healthy and tasty. He was serving pure vegetarian food but thought about going the extra mile by introducing a fresh creative approach to the food he serves. It was his curiosity to start something offers health, joy and good taste in one product that he came up with the idea of introducing a fresh, natural and innovative product he named CAFE BLOSSOM.

"CAFE BLOSSOM" is the latest addition to the healthy food living concept. Like the blossoming flowers in the world, Cafe Blossom is a revolution of blossom juices, sandwiches and Italian pasta to you. We plan to spread the beauty of healthy food options and blossom in every part of the country showering customers with the happiness and satisfaction of a great food court.


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