The Newest Job Portal for Employers and Job Seekers

Staying true to our goal of being a 360-degree platform, Franchise Souq is delighted to announce that our JOB PORTAL has been launched and active. 

The Newest Job Portal for Employers and Job Seekers

Employers Seeking the Right Fit

Are you in the process of setting up your new franchise business? Then you definitely need to find the right people that can help you with this journey. That being said, finding the best hires on the market can be incredibly challenging. It’s all about making sure that you can obtain the best possible experience, and that’s where we come into play.

We created a professional job portal where franchise businesses or any business from all over the world will be able to post their jobs without any fee. There are several benefits of creating an employer account; you can search from our bulk of jobseekers and review their credentials before asking them for interview, and posting your job openings for free. You can find the right hires with less of a hassle.

We have a very reliable system where you can post and manage your listings in no time.

Jobseekers Applying Only to Verified Job Vacancies

Jobseekers can also upload their resume on our platform too. People that want to find a job will just have to write the job title or skill and select the country. They can easily initiate a search based on their preferences.  Each one of the results offers detailed information about the business that requested position and so on. It’s mandatory to offer as much details as possible about each job, and each one of the companies can easily use whatever format they want to showcase their job.

It’s an incredible opportunity and one that you will find beneficial and helpful in the long term. But the best part about getting a job or staff here is that you can easily help a new franchise grow. This also helps boost your career to new heights, and in the end that can be incredibly rewarding and distinct.

Our job portal is designed to offer immediate access to wide variety jobs and employers on the market. And since it’s hard to find trustworthy help, you can use Franchisesouq’s tool to easily get access to the reliable professionals and employers that you always wanted.

Create an account on this site now and we will feature the first 10 companies’ job vacancy. This mean it will show on the featured job section which is above the rest. The first 10 companies will be able to access some amazing benefits and results without a lot of effort. It’s safe to say that having access to such a job portal does open up some really interesting opportunities that everyone will enjoy.

It’s definitely a good idea to try and expand your business as much as you can. And with this approach, you can definitely achieve such results. Since the service is free, you get some amazing results without having to invest a lot of money to begin with.

Try out our new job portal now to find the right help!