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Founded in 1968 by a group of professionals already specialized in dry-cleaning, 5aSec has developed over the years to become the biggest international dry cleaning group with shops under franchise. 5aSec is now established as the world leader in Dry Cleaning with over 1,400 centers on every continent. The key to 5aSec success is based upon the absolute mastery of its Quality Dry Cleaning and a commitment to continually training its people over the latest technology and techniques of modern d...

Franchise Description

Upon reception of your garments or household linen, we thoroughly inspect the nature of stains and assess any potential alteration that need to be done. Based on such inspection, we advise you on the appropriate treatments.

Cleaning &Washing:
We use different cleaning techniques - aqua-cleaning, washing or dry-cleaning - according to the nature of the textile and its potential adornments.

We put particular emphasis on returning items properly ironed without damaging the fibres nor the fabric. Our techniques are continuously improved, not only in terms of the ironing quality of your items but also in terms of the ergonomic working conditions of our teams.

Quality control:
After ironing, we check the quality of washing or cleaning, as well as the quality of ironing, according to the highest standards. As a matter of fact, we invite you to check the quality of the service provided when your items are delivered back to you.

Pre Spotting:
Whereas cleaning has a global action on the whole garment, the use of removers enables the action to be localized. 5àsec has selected a range of products, specifically suited to the numerous types of stains, the colour, as well as the nature of the fabric being treated.

Laundry Service with profitable in returns now franchising.



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20+ years



1000-1500 3000-5000 500-1000 (Sq Ft)

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7 %

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US$ 17,654