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Asgharali Perfumes

Reference ID: 2192

US$ 55000

Franchise Investment


Asgharali has laid its footprint in the perfumery market with over 100 retail outlets in the Middle East and South Asia and over 40 distributors worldwide in regions from Eastern Europe to South America. The company’s proficiency in oriental aromas gives it the edge in the provision of products craved by clientele in the Middle East and have even evoked desire from occidental countries.

Franchise Description

The Franchisee has a unique proposition wherein a learning curve is derived based on the expertise of the Franchisor in management, finance, operations and marketing functions derived over the century of business. The Franchisor supports the Franchisee with a franchisee focused retail model which includes a one time store opening fee, a single lifetime payment as stock standard security, a store refurbishment rebate, zero renewal fee, merchandise cost which is 100% refundable and no recurring royalty fee subject to certain terms and conditions. The stock will be delivered by the Franchisor to the Franchisee door step along the incoterms DDP and the Franchisor will share a portion of the cost of IT equipment (Hardware/ Software) with the Franchisee. Franchisor Merchandise Planning & Replenishment System will be utilized to ensure effective inventory management and timely stock replenishment to ensure that new product launches are duly made available at the retail outlet and no shortage in stock persists. The Franchisor would conduct training sessions for the Franchisee staff coupled with advice and recommendations on both the quantity and quality of the staff to be hired.



Retail > Fashion






20+ years



100-500 (Sq Ft)

Available Areas



Operational Outlets



Royalty fee


0 %

Franchise Fee


US$ 5,000