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Atomic Ice Cream Labs

Reference ID: 2020

US$ 150000

Franchise Investment


The true “made-to-order” ice cream parlor. Customers are stunned as liquid nitrogen flows into the bowl, expands in the air as smoke, and then evaporates right in front of their eyes, leaving only a light grey fog show and fresh ice cream behind.

Franchise Description

Atomic Ice Cream Labs revolves around the molecular gastronomy freezing concept, utilizing liquid nitrogen to instantly freeze fresh ingredients into ice cream. This process puts a show like intrigue factor to all audiences. Once frozen, we can add virtually any ingredient to craft unique flavors. Atomic Ice Cream Labs evokes a futuristic explosion of flavor, excitement and fun. The logo depicts the blast of an atomic cloud, shows the gust of Nitrogen as well as cleverly creates an ice cream cone. The true made-to-order ice cream does not need to be stored or prepared in large batch amounts, making each cup that much more fresh and helping save on inventory. Within few seconds, our state-of-the-art machines instantly freeze the organic liquid base in the bowl into ice cream.

Atomic Ice Cream Labs uses no artificial colors or preservatives that are found in normal ice creams. Customer service is at the heart of Ice Cream Labs, so each customer gets to interact with staff members to turn their wildest ice cream dreams into reality.

Main features
- fully automated process tailored for each ice cream portion
- high safety – the mixer won’t start when the bowl is not locked or mixer’s head not lowered
improved liquid nitrogen supply system for quicker process and no rock-hard ice cream layer around the inner bowl
- upgraded and optimized weighting scale
- additional lights for highlighting the nitrogen vapors stream as an extra feature
- Patent Atomic Ice Cream Machine Design features
- advanced ergonomics – good access to lifting and lowering the mixer’s head and locking the bowl
the client is having a good view on the whole process
- smaller footprint – more saved space
- sleek and elegant form that is more delicate in perception for both client and operator
illusion of levitating part of the base
- remote control panel positioned according to operator’s needs and can be easily replaced
- nitrogen vapors outlet directed to the client fo...



Food & Beverage > Fast Food



United Arab Emirates



5 - 10 years



100-500 1000-1500 (Sq Ft)

Available Areas


Worldwide, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia

Operational Outlets



Royalty fee


6 %

Franchise Fee


US$ 35,000