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Beauty Connection Spa

Reference ID: 2101

US$ 500000

Franchise Investment


Established in 2002, we are World Record holders for the most nails filed under eight hours. Beauty Connection Spa with its renowned experience in the beauty industry excels in its high quality and affordable service at all levels.

Franchise Description

We have a unique industrial concept, there is no need to book an appointment, you can just walk-in at your convenience and have a dedicated delivery of service, coupled with a high standard of hygiene. This is why we are the best Dubai spa! Our automated vending system is something, which has never been seen before; you can have the luxury of choosing your services as per your desire.

Area Requirment: 2000 Sq Ft - 15,000 Sq Ft

The term "luxury" is one of the most overused labels in marketing today. It tends to be associated with expensive products, but Beauty Connection Spa offers an experience that money can’t buy. Ours is an experience beyond material luxury: High quality and Affordability. Beauty Connection Spa is exclusively dedicated to bringing the highest level of service and technology from around the world to our customers.



Beauty & Fitness



United Arab Emirates



15 - 20 years



2000-3000 5000-10000 (Sq Ft)

Available Areas



Operational Outlets



Royalty fee


7 %

Franchise Fee


US$ 41,000