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Ice Cream Lab - "The freshest Ice Cream you'll ever have"

Reference ID: 2057

US$ 150000

Franchise Investment


Everybody loves ice cream! But not all ice creams are created equal. Not all ice creams are good for everyone’s health as they contain excessive sugar, fats from dairy, artificial flavors and colorings, and preservatives. This is what the sellers of Ice Cream Lab in the UAE have in mind when they brought this all-time favorite dessert that is worth all your fills.

Franchise Description

Ice Cream Lab, originally from Los Angeles, USA, has created the ice cream that satisfies one’s cravings but leaves no guilt feelings. Ice Cream Lab ice cream base is 100 percent organic, which comes from 100 plus-year-old states of art dairy from California, the base is made without the use of Additives, Preservatives or an emulsifier. Instead of sugar, they use the sugarcane extract to bring the sweetness.

What also makes this ice cream unique is it is made-to-order using liquid nitrogen. The idea revolves around the molecular gastronomy cooking concept, utilizing liquid nitrogen as the style of preparation to instantly freeze different natural ingredients into ice cream. Liquid nitrogen has proven to be an effective method for preparation of fresh ice cream, as the liquid Nitrogen disperses in the atmosphere, freezing the Organic Cream Base at the temperature of minus 192 degrees Celsius/minus 320 degrees Fahrenheit in the mixing bowl.

Ice Cream Lab ice cream does not need to be stored or prepared in large batches, making each cup much fresher. It is made of fresh and natural ingredients to create the ice cream; no need for artificial coloring or preservatives that are used to make normal ice cream.

Ice Cream Lab in the UAE boasts with 15 flavors that cater to suit the diverse tastes of the market – from the classic strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, cookies, and cream, to the more succulent blends like vanilla crock chocolate, pistachios, salt lick crunch, yogurt ice cream, lotus experiment, among others. Milkshakes are also available for those who want to sip their desserts.



Food & Beverage > Ice Creams / Juice Bars



United Arab Emirates



3 - 4 years



100-500 (Sq Ft)

Available Areas



Operational Outlets



Royalty fee


5 %

Franchise Fee


US$ 25,000