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Little Sheep Hot Pot Restaurant - One of the most international and famous Hot Pot

Reference ID: 2172

US$ 1500000

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YUM China is China's leading restaurant company. From a single restaurant in 1987, the company now operates over 7,500 restaurants in more than 1,100 cites and towns in China and all over world. YUMC became an independent, publicly-traded company in 2016. We operates the KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell brands in China, and we own the Little Sheep and East Dawning concept outrights.

Franchise Description

Little Sheep first opened in Baotou, China, in 1999. Over the past decade, we have been dedicated to make the most welcoming hot pot with the best sourced ingredients in the world. Little Sheep now is the world’s most international hot pot brand with nearly 300 stores in more than 120 regions and cities worldwide, such as Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Ulan Bator, Melbourne, New York and Toronto globally. The Little Sheep brand is renowned for “a pot of exceptional broth” and “a plate of superb meat”, this unique Little Sheep hot pot continues to spread all over the world.

Little Sheep has always adhered to the priority of choosing “natural”, “healthy” and “rare” selected ingredients. Its unique pairing, a pot of exceptional broth and a plate of superb meat, is what makes and continues the legend of the Little Sheep Hot Pot. By introducing the principle of homology of seven magic spices, Little Sheep selects special ingredients from all over the world. The dish of “a plate of superb meat” is originated directly from XiIin GoI Prairie in Inner Mongolia situated at the 45 degree of Northern Latitude.

For international franchisee, we already have already cooperated with listed company in Singapore, Myanmar, Mongolia as our national franchisee. From the decades material of soup and slices of meat, we have the control of the quality and safety. Within this, wherever littles sheep opens, we have the same delicious and safety food.

We are now looking for international partners, who would be our national/regional franchisee with exclusive right.

Hope we could cooperate and have this delicacy all over the world.

Little Sheep Hot Pot Franchise is available for locations mentioned below but If you have interest of other countries, please kindly connect us.



Food & Beverage > Casual Dining






20+ years



3000-5000 (Sq Ft)

Available Areas


Canada, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, North Korea, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United States, Vietnam

Operational Outlets



Royalty fee


6 %

Franchise Fee


US$ 70,000