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MEITO - get ready for the par-tea!

Reference ID: 2301

US$ 80000

Franchise Investment


A 21st century cool, fun-infused cafe offering endless variety of low-cal Bubble Tea with a choice of ‎mouth-watering popping bobas or jelly topping along with coffee-specialities, signature pancakes ‎and waffles, freshly made snacks, sandwiches, smoothie bowls, salads and much more... ‎‎#meitodrawsyouasmile ‎

Franchise Description


MEITO - time to feel good, where ideas bubble into mouth-watering yumminess as you socialize, recharge ‎and refresh. Get popping our signature Bubble Tea, a stunning combo of low-cal tradition (tea base) and ‎‎21st century cool (fun flavours with a choice of popping bobas or jelly toppings). Along with our famous ‎Bubble Tea, get sociable with our ultimate fuel food, from big-hearted burgers and sandwiches over salads ‎to dainty, tasty bites and cheeky desserts. MEITO - your home away from home - fun-infused dink ‎experiences, quality, light food and bubbling company Welcome to love and awesomeness! Welcome to ‎MEITO! MEITO is available as 4 different Concepts. MEITO’s Double Decker, MEITO’s Mobile, MEITO’s ‎Express as well MEITO’s Eatery. ‎


Be part of the MEITO family, and join the party. ‎
First there was an idea. Then the idea bubbled into a business. We are looking for business ‎partners to help build the MEITO brand together. When you join the MEITO community, you join ‎the MEITO family, with our values of honesty, fun and fairness. ‎

‎-‎ Local market survey and recommendations
‎-‎ Best location selection
‎-‎ Two-week training for franchise partners and key managers
‎-‎ Internal store design and specifications to create that magical home from home
‎-‎ Support in supply of operating equipment, including all MEITO technology, materials, ‎uniforms and merchandising
‎-‎ ‎24/7 technical online assistance‎
‎-‎ Pre-and post-launch training ‎
‎-‎ Awesome store publicity through our international advertising program
‎-‎ Support in marketing plans for super cool local and regional campaigns
‎-‎ Regular visits and technical assistance from MEITO team ‎


We are looking for partners who:‎
‎-‎ Have sales and management experience
‎-‎ Are passionate about the MEITO brand
‎-‎ Have ...



Food & Beverage > Kiosk / Food Trucks






5 - 10 years



1000-1500 (Sq Ft)

Available Areas


Worldwide, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates

Operational Outlets



Royalty fee


6 %

Franchise Fee


US$ 25,000