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Reference ID: 1838

US$ 200000

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Suhad Al-Qenaei story with perfumes started as a hobby, at the early beginning.

Franchise Description

Suhad Al-Qenaei story with perfumes started as a hobby, at the early beginning. Then the hobby was converted to a career at mid 1990’s when she began to design and create European and Middle Eastern perfumes that are blended together to please all cultures, and participate in trading exhibitions held at hotels. She has been carrying out the business of perfumes trading and sales by herself at a time in which Kuwaiti woman business was in its early beginnings.

After her perfumes had attained success and found interest and demand, she inaugurated Corona Perfumes showroom at Al-Thurya Complex in Salmiya where she has been selling the perfumes designed by her. Suhad designed about 27 different fragrances sold through exhibitions, in addition to another collection of special perfumes specifically designed for certain occasions such as wedding parties or other social occasions. These special perfumes are not offered for sale at her trading exhibition.

In the course of time, her customer range extended to include Gulf countries. She also became consultant on perfumes for a number of ladies belonging to Royal Families in the Gulf. In the late 2006, Suhad Al-Qenaei changed her trademark and name of her trading establishment from “Corona Perfume” to “Suhad Perfume”.



Retail > Fashion






20+ years



100-500 (Sq Ft)

Available Areas



Operational Outlets



Royalty fee


6 %

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US$ 33,000