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Your Online Presence

Franchise Souq will become your top lead generation portal and your result driven partner to achieve the business growth that you are looking for. We invest heavily in attracting franchise and business opportunity seekers to our website. With our 360 degree services for the franchise seekers we ensure that they visit and stay on our website giving you a much longer brand exposure in front of the prospect.

Turn Prospects into Buyers

We manage thousands of relevant keywords daily so you don’t have to do the work. Our SEO and SEM teams ensure that our website is on the top generating traffic to benefit your brand. Our screening and filtration process ensures that the leads generated are qualified and serious about getting a franchise. So, let us do the dirty work and you can spend your time turning qualified prospects into buyers.

Custom Advertising

Franchise Souq will customize any advertising package to your needs and budget. Our experienced account representatives will assist you in choosing the most cost effective package to suit your brand while giving the maximum exposure while staying within your budget and. With our low package rates, Franchise Souq is the smartest and most effective advertising medium for your brand.

How it Works

Follow 8 simple steps shown below to have your franchise listed online in front of millions of franchise seekers worldwide. Have the potential franchisees get in touch with you directly without paying any brokerage or commissions to a middle party. We call it direct connect. On the flip side of things if you are looking for a franchise and cannot seem to find the right one, you can place an ad on Franchise Souq seeking a specific franchise or concept.



 8 Easy Steps

1Create an account

To create an account simply click on the login / Register icon on the top right of the webpage. You can sign in using your Facebook or LinkedIn profile. If you do not wish to login using Facebook or LinkedIn you can create an account by entering the relevant information and a verification email will be sent to you. Simply go to your registered email, click on the verification link provided in the email and your Franchise Souq account will be activated.

2Sign in with

If you already have an existing Franchise Souq account simply click on the login / Register icon and login using your username and password.

3Place Your Ad

When placing an Ad please click on the Place Ad icon on the top right of the webpage. Please note that you cannot place an ad unless you are registered and logged in.

4Are you offering your business for Franchising?
Or are you looking for a Franchise?

After clicking on the Place Ad icon you can choose the kind of ad that you wish to place. You can place an ad to franchise your business or place an ad that you are seeking a specific franchise.


5What are you Listing

6Choose Your Type of Ad

7Select Your Preffered Type of Payment

8Find Your Ads on Your Profile